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The River City Radio Controllers was formed in the early 1970’s and operate from “Bill Fluke Field” on the western edge of E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park in Louisville, Kentucky. The club is currently comprised of approximately 150 radio control pilots who are licensed by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).


Member Requirements

All RC pilots must be current members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and display their AMA card while flying at our airfield. Guests and beginners are always welcomed but you must be a member of River City Radio Controllers (RCRC) to have full regular access to the airfield and facilities. Visitors and spectators are always welcomed any time the front gate is open.


A person who belongs to the AMA but not the club may fly up to three times as a guest of a current member.


Throughout the year, the club has fun-fly events, such as Summer Night Fly, Warbird Fun Fly, etc.  The flying field is available to RCRC members 7 days a week from dawn (10:00 am for gas planes) until dark (weather permitting). 

• We have a 500 ft x 50 ft paved runway with an adjacent grass runway.
• Dedicated helicopter flying field.
• Shelter area with solar powered battery charging station and grills for cooking.
• Bleachers for spectators.
• Large gravel parking lot.
• Porta-Pot restroom.

Pilots fly helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.   While most fly electric, we do have some old school glow fuel and gasoline motors.  There are nearly as many different models of radio controlled planes as there are full-scale planes. Some of the more popular aircraft include WWI and WWII-scale models, civilian scale, aerobatic scale, aerobatic 3D (extreme aerobatic), electric ducted fan jets (no gas turbines allowed), helicopters, and extreme flight 3D helicopters.

Airplanes and helicopters range in size from ultra-micros, which have about a 10-inch wingspan, to aircraft with wingspans greater than 9 feet. Most planes fly between 35 and 75 mph but some may exceed 100 mph. Helicopters are also able to fly at extreme speeds and fly extreme aerobatics well beyond what is capable in a full-scale helicopter.

Cost can range from $150 - $200 for a beginner plane on up.  You'll also need a few batteries and a charger.  A club member will be happy to make suggestions on what kind and size as well as where to buy.


Safety Rules

All flyers must follow the AMA safety rules, which can be found on their website by clicking this box.



    In addition, members must follow our club's additional rules and regulations including Bench Safety, Runway Safety, Airspace Boundaries, etc.  



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